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Professor James Davids Visits Ukraine

By May 28, 2015Uncategorized
Regent Law’s Center for Global Justice sent Professor Jim Davids to Ukraine for a week-long trip as part of its commitment to transform justice systems around the globe.

During his stay, Professor Davids had the opportunity to lecture to over 400 students and faculty, observe a competition involving ten different universities, and receive an honorary professorship.

The lectures, which Davids delivered at five different universities in Kiev, Zaporizhzhya, and Dnipropetrovsk, illustrated the political and societal effects of worldviews. Specifically, Professor Davids discussed how a Christian worldview in government is necessary to eliminating corruption and creating a free society.

The inter-university competition focused on a national problem confronting Ukraine, and the solution in law for the problem.  The presentations covered a range of topics, including modified genetic food, child welfare, inadequate checks and balances in government, and lack of morality.  One of the most intriguing ideas expressed by students was Ukraine’s lack of national identity.

This was Professor Davids’s second trip to Ukraine since 2013.

The Center has previously worked with The A21 Campaign in Ukraine through intern Mary Hill. Mary spent the summer of 2012 in Ukraine researching and raising awareness about human trafficking issues. The A21 Campaign stands for “Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century” and has responded to the need to step-up and rescue victims of trafficking throughout many parts of Europe.

Read more about Mary and our other interns at >