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The Center for Global Justice® launched a clinic to provide the legal assistance needed to help survivors of human trafficking have their records expunged. Play the video to see Olivia’s story:

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Our mission is to equip Christian advocates who will promote the rule of law, seek justice for the world’s downtrodden, and serve those already engaged in such advocacy…

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The Center For Global Justice® made it possible for me to have experience working for non-profits organizations who help the persecuted through financial scholarship. I am more aware of what is going on around the world, how organizations are affecting change in policies and laws, and how I can be a part of a community that promotes human rights globally.

Rebecca Emmanuel, Class of 2021Student Staff Member and Intern

As a student who felt called to attend Law School in order to be equipped to defend human rights, I am especially grateful for the opportunities the Center for Global Justice provides for students. Because of the Center and its mission, I have had the opportunity to live out my calling to speak for the oppressed while still a law student and further my understanding of what it means to learn, lead, and do justice.

Lauren Moustakas, Class of 2021Student Staff Member, Law Clerk, and Intern

I am deeply thankful for my opportunity for involvement with the Center. It has been an opportunity to work with like-minded people, committed to a fight for Christian Justice around the world. Being a staff member has been an incredible opportunity to put some of the skills I have been learning in Law School into practice, in ways that I already know provide real benefit and value around the world.

Nathan Moelker, Class of 2022Student Staff Member

Being a staff member for the Center for Global Justice has made my time in law school more meaningful, allowing me to provide practical support to nonprofits and NGOs, while also learning the law. In addition, working with the center, including the internship opportunities it has provided, has confirmed my desire to work in international human rights law.

Wendy Wrobel, Class of 2022Student Staff Member, Law Clerk, and Intern

The Center and the Christian component played big roles in my decision to come to Regent Law. I gained opportunities to think outside the box and connect with attorneys in other countries, learning about international legal issues. This was great for my career and provided an experience I would not have gotten anywhere else.

Hannah Fruh, Class of 2020Intern

I was directly involved in helping the Judiciary establish mobile courts and hearings in Kamwenge, Uganda, for child defilement cases. It was only through what I learned through the Center that I knew what to do.

Pam Dodge, Class of 2017Student Staff Member, Law Clerk, Intern, and Fellow


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