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Symposium Registration Now Open!

By January 9, 2015Special Events

Around the world, a culture shift toward sexuality is distorting our view of the rights of all human beings. Will this slippery slope cripple how we protect children and others who are most at risk?

The Center for Global Justice invites you to join us, along with other human rights advocates, as we continue to seek justice, both locally and globally. This symposium will kick off in the morning with panel discussions on the roots of human rights and crucial questions for which the law sorely needs direction: How should the law address the “right to sex” when this leads to sex as a business? What should the law provide when these asserted rights involve treating children as property? Answers to these questions go hand in hand with fighting human trafficking and protecting those now defenseless.

This important event will conclude with an evening banquet at The Founders Inn featuring Benjamin Nolot from Exodus Cry. Banquet proceeds will benefit the Center for Global Justice internship grant program and other human rights projects.