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Student Staff Fall 2014 Semester Summary

To provide Regent Law students with practical experience in the legal protection of human rights, students volunteer with the center each semester for a minimum of 5 hours/week. Here is an overview of the projects that our 20 student staff members worked on this past semester:

Shared Hope

Students assisted Shared Hope with the Protected Innocence Challenge. Shared Hope acknowledged our support on page 4 of the challenge report.

International Justice Mission (IJM)

Students Provided IJM invaluable legal support as they seek to hold police accountable and transform the legal systems in East Africa to protect the poor.  Students put togehter a case digest involving the prosecution of police officers and a Separation of Powers presentation that was used to influence Kenyan judges and parliamentarians to think about these issues from a Biblical perspective.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

Students supported the work of ADF by reviewing cases before the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and drafting case summaries for their digital library.  This work will enable ADF to be more effective in their advocacy.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM)

Students wrote a legal memorandum that was used by KCM to advocate before the government to take a strong stance against child sacrifice. The Center also drafted court petitions for KCM and provided other legal research.

Additional Projects

Students worked on additional projects for for IJM Thailand and M1:Zero that will be completed next semester.