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Post by: Wendy Wrobel

The Rule of Law Institute Advocates International

This Summer I had the privilege to work with the Rule of Law Institute under the umbrella of Advocates International in Sofia Bulgaria. Two other Regent students had the opportunity to go as well, Rebekah Bunch and Clayton Grant.

The Rule of Law Institute exists to not only provide legal representation, but to create and organize a network of lawyers to protect the supremacy of law, human rights, and to harmonize Bulgarian legislation with legislation of the greater European community. The Rule of Law Institute, a partner of Advocates International, promotes the rule of law, justice, and human rights. The Rule of Law Institute enables lawyers to promote rule of law, human rights, religious liberty, justice and reconciliation, and strengthen fellowship among professionals.

The Rule of Law Institute Advocates International

Advocates International has a vision that “all peoples thriving in hope, peace, and justice, within societies committed to freedom of religion or belief and the rule of law with integrity.” Their mission is “Inspiring and Mobilizing Advocates Globally to Do Justice With Compassion.”

My experience at the Rule of Law Institute was nothing short of excellent. Latchezar Popov spent so much of his valuable time teaching us about the history of not only the Rule of Law, but also of Advocates International, the European Union, Bulgaria, and the interconnectedness of European countries. He provided us every opportunity to grow in not only our international law experience, but in areas such as criminal and contracts law, opportunities to defend in discrimination cases, and so much more.

The Rule of Law Institute Advocates International

During our time with the Institute we also had the opportunity to meet several local interns, as well as many Advocates International members through both virtual and in person meetings. We met people from all throughout Europe, and additionally got to connect with several local law firms and human rights organizations.

Thank you to the Center for Global Justice at Regent University School of Law for providing the opportunity to go and work with the Rule of Law in Bulgaria through connections and grants.

This post was written by a Center for Global Justice Intern. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect those of Regent University, Regent Law School, or the Center for Global Justice.