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Center Congratulates the Regent Law Class of 2015

This week, the Center for Global Justice will see 14 of its student staff members graduate.

The student staff was created by the Center to provide Regent law students with practical experience in the legal protection of human rights, and to serve and support those in the field.  Student Staff members work on legal projects, including writing articles and reports, drafting amicus briefs, and conducting research, throughout the school year. Staff members are required to work five hours per week, and also have the opportunity to do an externship with the Center for Global Justice to receive credit for the work they do.

Graduates will receive a Volunteer Recognition Award at Law Commissioning on May 8.

Congratulations to our graduates!
Allysa Martinez
Anton Sorkin
Elissa Polley
Emily Arthur (read Emily’s student staff update)
Erica Weston
Jaclyn Walliser
Jennifer Breedon
Jessica Krentz
Kolleen Daniels
Matthew Mogish
Paul Shakeshaft
Ra He Jeon
Sarah Breyer
Stephanie Hansen