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Intern Update 6/4/12 (Nicole Tutrani)

Nicole Tutrani, 2L

The Samaritan Women 
Human Trafficking

Between the numerous planes, trains, and “ricksaws” my fellow interns have utilized as a mean of arriving at their destinations, my tale of travel involves nothing more than an old Rav4 and a quick trip up to my Uncle’s home outside of Baltimore, MD. I have only just begun my venture with the Samaritan Woman Restoration Home here in Baltimore and must say that out of everyone interning I was not the one expecting to have a goat-feeding shift on my agenda. Nonetheless, everyday has been a new blessing as I watch the Lord guide me step-by-step through His plans for this state.

I would be lying if I said that I had not initially imagined myself traveling though the Amazon when I first heard about these amazing internship opportunities, and I suppose being a Yankee in Baltimore is dangerous enough on its own. I had it in my head, however, that in order to make an impact on the horror that is human trafficking I needed to go somewhere a bit more “monumental.” I mean, it is Maryland! I am currently working at the only restoration home in the state, which, mind you, only opened its doors this past November. Diving into Maryland human trafficking legislation, as my supervision put it so that as an Italian I would understand, is like “diving into a vat of spaghetti and trying to straighten out the noodles, you don’t know where to start.” Well, luckily for me, God does.

I do not have much to report on my progress as I have just begun my research into the Maryland Code, but in the short time I have been here I have learned you do not need to go far from home or even your own family to make an impact. I can assure you that whether you are working internationally to protect those girls who act as the “supply” or in a Western nation to prosecute those men who provide the “demand,” God has placed each one of us in a position of His choosing so that He might work through us and for us this summer.

          – Nicole Tutrani, 6/4/12