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The Center for Global Justice is a member of the Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking (VCAHT)  which Endorses the Federal Trafficking Survivors Relief Act and Calls for Statewide Action

The Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking (VCAHT) has expressed its strong endorsement of the federal Trafficking Survivors Relief Act, a pivotal piece of legislation introduced by Representatives Russell Fry, Ted Lieu, Ann Wagner, and Robert Garcia. Director Patrick McKenna of the VCAHT, commended the legislators for championing this vital cause, highlighting the legislation’s significance in addressing the injustices faced by survivors of human trafficking.

“The Trafficking Survivors Relief Act is a landmark in our ongoing battle against human trafficking, providing survivors with the much-needed opportunity for vacatur and expungement of convictions for non-violent crimes committed under the duress of trafficking,” McKenna stated. “This is not only a step forward in supporting survivors but also in strengthening the integrity of our justice system and society at large.”

Vacatur and expungement offer a legal remedy that recognizes the unique circumstances of trafficking survivors, allowing them to clear their records of convictions that are direct results of their victimization. “This process is crucial for survivors’ rehabilitation and reintegration, removing barriers to employment, housing, and education, and acknowledging their dignity and resilience,” McKenna explained.

In light of the federal bill’s introduction, VCAHT calls upon Virginia’s state legislators to enact more comprehensive vacatur and expungement legislation. “We have a moral and civic duty to support survivors in our Commonwealth. It’s time for Virginia to follow the federal government’s lead and introduce measures that provide tangible support to survivors, helping them to reclaim and rebuild their lives,” McKenna concluded.


The Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking is committed to eradicating human trafficking through advocacy, education, and partnership. VCAHT aims to ensure survivors have access to necessary resources and support for a hopeful future.


Bill Woolf,, 571-641-7779

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