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This semester I have been working on a project for the International Justice Mission
(IJM) on witness protection in Uganda. Currently, Uganda does not have any witness protection
laws in place. As you can imagine, this poses a significant problem for witnesses in high-profile
or dangerous cases. How could a witness testify without fear of harm or death? Protection for
themselves and their loved ones is a great need. Before working on this project, witness
protection was not something I considered essential to pursuing justice. As I began researching
this issue this semester, I realized that I was far from the truth. Oftentimes, a witness’ has vital
information that could lead to the conviction of a perpetrator. Without this information, the
perpetrator has the potential to walk free. The protection of these witnesses is vital to the pursuit
of justice in Uganda and worldwide.
Working for the Center of Global Justice has been a great addition to my legal education.
I have enjoyed researching the law in Uganda and learning about their legal system. My work
with the center has confirmed that I want to pursue a career in human rights law. I am excited to
work on future projects in the coming semesters.

Written by Kayla Palazzo, a student staffer.