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My name is Gabriella Cabrera. I joined the Center for Global Justice Student Staff
in January 2022. I started as a law clerk in August 2022. I greatly appreciate this
opportunity to serve with the Center. I am grateful to be a part of the mission of the
Center to work alongside organizations to aid the most vulnerable people worldwide.

Shared Hope International
Shared Hope International (Shared Hope) is a non-profit organization fighting
sex trafficking in the United States. Shared Hope uses a three-prong approach –
prevent, restore, and bring justice. Shared Hope supports the legislative, law
enforcement, and social services communities with effective reports, studies, surveys,
and model legislation aimed at ending sex trafficking.

Our Project
For the Shared Hope project, the student staff members and I are drafting a
research outline on protective measures for child sex trafficking victims in various areas.
This work product will inform new field guidance that Shared Hope is developing with
the input of Shared Hope’s JUST Response Council. We are striving to identify new
areas of research emerging since the Council’s last field guidance published in 2016.
Some of the topics we are researching include (1) specialized multidisciplinary
team responses to child and youth sex trafficking, (2) disparate impact of trafficking
victimization on historically marginalized and underserved populations of trafficking
survivors, (3) addressing the mental/behavioral health and substance use needs of
trafficked children and youth, and more! I truly enjoy working on this project, meeting
with the Center staff regularly, and growing as a team.

Written by Gabriella Cabrera, a Center Clerk