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Post written by Elizabeth Radford

My name is Elizabeth Radford. I am a first-year law student at Regent University School of Law.

Like many others on the student staff of the Center for Global Justice, the Center for Global Justice played a huge role in my decision to come to Regent School of Law.

Before college, I had never heard of Regent Law. I had the pleasure of meeting Dean Walton during my sophomore year of college. Dean Walton told me of a practical way where I could also make a difference for the Lord while in school.

Making a Difference Now

Regent is special because of the opportunities which it provides its students to make a real difference while they are still in school. Regent realizes that the mission does not start after graduation. It begins now.

Working as a Student Staff for CGJ

I have had the privilege of working on a project for a legal advocacy organization that works to advocate for fundamental rights in India. My team is working on a memorandum of law for the organization. We have been working to analyze the constitutional impact of a specific piece of Indian legislation.

It has been a pleasure to labor alongside friends in a work for the Lord. We have been able to take our research, analysis, and writing skills that we learned in our first semester of law school and to apply them to a need of other Christians.

The work has continued to open my ideas to the troubles that other Christians face around the world.

This post was written by a Center for Global Justice Student Staff member. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect those of Regent University, Regent Law School, or the Center for Global Justice.