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My name is Joseph Woltmann and I am currently a 2L at Regent University School of Law. I started volunteering at the Center my 1L year and since then, I have worked on a variety of projects for the Center. This semester I am working with Dean Walton on a project for the Ugandan Directorate of Prosecution. This project includes providing recommendations to Uganda, so that Uganda can be a Tier 1 Nation under the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report.
For this project, I have done a case study of Bahrain, a country which just recently became a Tier 1 Nation under the TIP Report. Specifically, I have researched the State Department’s TIP Reports of Bahrain to provide an analysis of Bahrain’s climb to Tier 1 status. Further, I also analyzed the TIP Reports of Uganda to provide a comparison between the two countries, in order to highlight similarities between the two countries’ recommendations. This will allow for better recommendations on how to address issues, and this will encourage Uganda in its pursuit of being a Tier 1 Nation. This post was written by a Center for Global Justice student staff member.  The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect those of Regent University, Regent Law School, or the Center for Global Justice.