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CGJ Fellowship Update from Chelsea (March 2018)

By March 15, 2018December 16th, 2019Uganda
Chelsea Mack has been working with the DPP since fall 2017 when the Center for Global Justice Fellowship Program first began. Through this program, Regent Law graduates are able to work for one year with one of the Center’s partner organizations fully funded by the Center.

I recently passed the six-month mark for my time in Uganda.

After many weeks and months of adapting to the culture here, I feel settled in this beautiful country.

An update on recent case proceedings…

A special session was held in the High Court of Mukono for a child sacrifice case. The High Court Judge, Justice Margaret Mutonyi, requested that the session be physically held in the court in Kayunga because many child sacrifice cases arise from that region. Her goal was to send a message to the community saying that cases of human sacrifice will be heard and suspects will be held accountable for their actions.
CGJ Fellows Chesea Mack (L) and Pam Dodge (R) at Special Session

The case hearing was that against Godfrey Kizza. The accused person is a witch doctor who sacrificed a 19-year old male in 2016 for the purpose of gaining wealth. Kizza pleaded guilty. Thus, the case hearing proceeded with the prosecution and defense attorneys making their case for their preferred sentences. Although the crime is punishable by death, the prosecution asked for an imprisonment sentence for the natural life of the accused. Contrarily, the defense attorney asked for a 35-year imprisonment sentence.

On Wednesday, March 7, Justice Mutonyi sentenced Godfrey Kizza, a young man in his 20s, to imprisonment for his natural life. He will spend the rest of his days in prison.

In my opinion, one of the most amazing details of the sentencing was Justice Mutonyi’s intentional incorporation of biblical principles and references in her legal opinion. She referenced the stories of Jacob and Esau, Cain and Abel, and repeatedly emphasized the sanctity of human life. Furthermore, she took a few minutes to address the community members in the courtroom regarding witchcraft following the sentencing. One of her final statements before court was adjourned explained that Jesus Christ was the last human sacrifice that was needed. It was unbelievable to see a judge freely sharing the Gospel during a court proceeding.

While we celebrate the victory with this sentencing, I ask that you continue to pray for other cases…

  • Clive’s Case. There is another trial that began this week in Mubende for the case of Baby Clive, a three-year old boy, who was sacrificed four years ago. There are six accused persons in this case. One of the accused persons was sentenced to a 35-year imprisonment this past week. The trial will continue over the next week and hopefully will conclude quickly.
Clive’s Case

  • Allan’s Case. This case was supposed to be included in the special session that was scheduled for the last two weeks, but unfortunately, it appears that we will have to wait longer for justice to be done for him and his family. Please pray that the matter will be heard sooner rather than later and that all necessary documents and witnesses will be available when the time for his trial comes.

Additional Photos from the Special Session:

Group Photo

Special Session – Day 1
Chelsea and Pam with the Prosecutors

Chelsea, Shelin, and Pam

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