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Prayer for Child Sacrifice Case in Uganda

By January 24, 2018December 16th, 2019Uganda
Please be praying for a child sacrifice case in Uganda. The Center first became involved in the case in 2013. Our first ever Uganda intern went to Uganda and was assigned to follow up on the case, which was originally dismissed without explanation. Our intern worked on gathering all the materials, reviewing the case file, talking with witnesses and police, etc. 

Three years later, in 2016, a few other interns worked on the case again. They found a defect in the proceedings of the case and helped draft an appeal. The appeal was granted, and miraculously the case was reopened.

The case is set for trial this week, and one of our fellows is working on it. However, we just found out that the police file went missing again. Without that file, there will be no case. Please pray for the file to be found and for justice to be done.

UPDATE: Thank you to all those who prayed for Allan’s trial in Uganda.  The police file has been found and the session has been rescheduled again and will now begin on March 2. Praise God! 

As of now, there are three child sacrifice cases scheduled to go to trial during the session. We are in the process of adding in another case that is a trafficking issue. There may also be another case or two added before the session begins.
To read more about the case, go here: (Allan is the victim). 

Watch a short video of one of our fellows who Skyped with us to talk about her work against child sacrifice in Uganda: