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The Center for Global Justice Launches New Fellowship Program

The Center for Global Justice is excited to announce the launch of its fellowship program. Through this program, two Regent Law graduates will be employed for one year with one of the Center’s partner organizations. This year, Pam Dodge and Chelsea Mack, former Center for Global Justice Law Clerks and interns, will work in Uganda.

Chelsea (L) and Pam (R)

Pam started her fellowship with the International Justice Mission in August. Pam will assist IJM in its work to protect widows from having their property stolen, protecting women from domestic violence, and building a just and fair legal system so that the rights of all people are protected.

Chelsea starts her fellowship on September 4th with the Uganda Directorate of Public Prosecutions (the equivalent of our Attorney General). Chelsea will be assisting the DPP in prosecuting cases of child sacrifice, thinking about how to create a juvenile division, and reviewing the relatively new plea bargaining initiative, which Prof. Jim Gash helped to implement. The plea bargaining initiative has been directly responsible for ensuring that children do not languish in prison beyond the terms of their sentences. Chelsea will review the initiative to ensure it is running effectively and make recommendations on how to improve it.

The Center is very excited to see the fruit of this program. With these fellows, we will now be providing year-round support to IJM and the Uganda DPP through Student Staff projects, summer internships, and now year-long fellowships. Please pray for our students and consider giving to support their great work!