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When Bob Goff Came to Campus

By February 9, 2017December 16th, 2019CGJ in the News, Uganda
The following blog post, written by CGJ student staff member Moriah Schmidt, is about Bob Goff’s visit to Regent University.  Bob spoke to Regent Law and Government students during an afternoon session, met with the Center for Global Justice student staff, then spoke at the University chapel about his work rescuing children from injustices in Uganda, Somalia, and Iraq.


He stepped to the front with a grin, hugging Professor Brauch with enthusiasm: “I don’t shake hands, I hug!”

That was my first introduction to Bob Goff in person. He is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a sought-after speaker, a writer, but most importantly, a strong follower of Christ and a leader, not a follower. Bob Goff is not a person to wait on the sidelines for someone to tell him “Go!” He sees a need, and he goes out to meet it.

Moriah with Bob Goff

The Regent School of Law and School of Government students were privileged to hear from Bob Goff in a smaller setting on Friday, February 3rd before his evening service, which was open to the public. He challenged us to move to higher ground in our interactions with others, our careers and how we live out our Christian faith in every aspect of our lives and, most importantly, in how we treat others. He introduced some unique ways of showing love and humility.

First was the cake pops. If he runs into someone who he has trouble getting along with or understanding in some capacity, he doesn’t let that stop him from befriending that individual; rather, he mails them a cake pop. On the other side of the spectrum, he may “duck” a person; that is, send them a few ducklings via the United States Postal Service. That may be an extreme way of being intentional about relationships, but it works for Bob!

But the part of the talk that both convicted and challenged me was his reminder to “read your own paper,” or look at your own target. Especially in law school, it is far too easy to look at what everyone else is doing and compare yourself to them. It’s easy to question whether you should be doing more or acting like so-and-so. But God has called us each individually and has gifted us in capacities that are distinguished from anyone else. Sometimes we need that reminder to step back and look only at God, not anyone else, cutting off distractions and realizing what God has given us and how he has called us individually. This means, often, doing what seems impossible or things that have never been done before. 

God wants us to be ready and willing. We simply respond and say “I’m here, God” and let God guide us to the rest. Bob Goff’s interactions with world leaders, ambassadors, and his connections worldwide show the importance of relationships and being available. He has gifted Bob with this relational aspect that allows Bob to travel to places and survive

As Bob spoke of the gospel message, “It’s not easy, but it’s simple,” the same is true for pursuing the path God has called us to.

Talking with Former Attorney General John Ashcroft Before Lunch

CGJ Executive Director Jeffrey A. Brauch, and his wife, Becky

CGJ Academic & Administrative Director S. Ernie Walton

CGJ Student Staff