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American Law Professors’ Petition Protesting Purge of Judges and Prosecutors In Turkey

By August 30, 2016December 16th, 2019Uncategorized
by Jeffrey A. Brauch, Executive Director

We continue to monitor developments in Turkey. It is becoming apparent that President Erdogan is using the recent failed coup as a means to accumulate and consolidate personal power. The BBC reports that he has arrested or detained over 30,000 individuals and removed or suspended over 80,000 people from their jobs.

These actions have implications for the rule of law. Erdogan is using emergency powers to arrest and detain; he is not following basic principles of due process. And it is estimated that nearly 3,000 of the detainees are judges and prosecutors.

Erdogan’s actions prompted Regent professors Lynne Marie Kohm, S. Ernie Walton, and me to join a group of American law professors in protesting the purge of judges and prosecutors and calling for independent monitors to be given access to detention facilities. View the full petition here >

In addition to calling out for justice, let’s remain in prayer for the people of Turkey.