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Alumni Profile: Keila Molina

By April 6, 2016December 16th, 2019Alumni Profiles
Many of Regent Law’s 2,500+ alumni have worked or are presently working to bring justice to the oppressed and promote the rule of law around the world. We hope you enjoy reading the following alumni profiles, which represent just a small portion of our many alumni literally changing the world.

Keila E. Molina
Class of 2012

In March 2016, Keila began working as an Assistant Attorney General for the Office of the Arizona Attorney General in the Protective Services Section of the Child and Family Protection Division. Specifically, Keila represents the state in juvenile dependency matters and makes recommendations to the juvenile court on behalf of the state concerning children, youth, and families who are in circumstances involving child abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment. Keila believes that it is solely due to God’s providence that she now works in such a specific position which fits each and every area which she desired to be involved in as an attorney, as well as a child advocate.

Having worked with abused and neglected children prior to attending law school, Keila’s heart and passion towards advocating for the legal protection of children was actually what led her to Regent Law. During her 1L year, Keila began interning at the Center for Global Justice and as a rising 3L, she interned for Casa Alianza Mexico as well as Fundacion Camino a Casa, where she worked with orphans, street children, and sex trafficking victims, while also continuing to build the Center’s partnership with then-Congresswoman Rosi Orozco, a Christian political leader in human rights advocacy.

The calling towards child advocacy has been something Keila at times fought against, and even tried to forget when she encountered tremendous fears and challenges which simply seemed impossible to overcome. Her journey while in law school was far from easy and even after obtaining her Juris Doctor, she faced even more serious adversity and hardship. Yet in realizing how God continues providing and positioning her at the right place, at the right time, Keila acknowledges that God’s ways are indeed higher and better than any of our own. Her focus verse at this stage of her journey is Isaiah 26:12: “Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”

In reflecting on how Regent Law, and the Center, equipped Keila for her present work, she expresses profound gratefulness for the opportunity to be taught by incredible professors, to be surrounded by invaluable support from each of her mentors, and most importantly, to be able to develop a strong Biblical foundation for the pursuit of justice accompanied with kindness and mercy, as to effectively advocate on behalf of children, particularly those most vulnerable and defenseless in our world.

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