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Student Staff Project Update from Olivia Lee

I was quite unaware of the wide variety of sexually-oriented businesses. They range from adult cabarets to adult bookstores, from adult theaters to adult arcades. Nonetheless, the law can limit these, at least to a degree. These businesses burden society with negative effects, and it is worth fighting to counteract these effects.

My project is updating a manual made by the Community Defense Counsel to guide municipalities on how they can restrict sexually oriented businesses without violating the First Amendment, the main objection raised by these businesses. I chose this project because I wanted to be a part of keeping these types of businesses on a tight leash, or at least making it tighter. The law allows restrictions on operating hours, on the manner in which they operate, and on the locations that these businesses are allowed to exist. These restrictions help to alleviate an increased number of sex offenses surrounding the activities promoted by sexually-oriented businesses. My hope is that the restrictions that municipalities impose will help to protect those in vulnerable positions, mainly those vulnerable to sex offenses.

Nonetheless, we live in a country that protects the freedom of speech more vigorously than most through the First Amendment. Besides, as argued by Aquinas, the law cannot command all acts of virtue nor forbid every vice. Nonetheless, it is not beneficial to the common good that sexually-oriented businesses run rampant. I am privileged to be a part of this effort.