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Student Staff Members Attend International Law Weekend Conference

By November 13, 2015December 16th, 2019Uncategorized
The following blog post is written by Natasha Delille, a student staff member and intern for the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.  Natasha worked with Regent Law alumnus Evan Henck (’07) at Freedom Firm over the summer, as well as a second internship with Alliance Defending Freedom.  You can read about her internship experiences here.

Staff Members Natasha and Jessica
Last weekend, Jessica Rigsbee and I attended the International Law Weekend conference (“ILW”) at Fordham University School of Law presented by the American Branch of the International Law Association & the International Law Students Association. The conferenced covered both private and public international law topics.

The panelists at ILW included ambassadors, UN legal counsel, law school professors, and lawyers. Jessica and I attended panels that discussed international law and states in emergency; the individual petition procedure in international human rights law; accountability for crimes in Syria and Iraq; international investment arbitration; and pathways to careers in international law.

Jessica and I are both interested in practicing international law. The conference was extremely beneficial because it alerted us to the variety of career options available to us. In one short weekend we learned about the different international courts and governing bodies; the differences between public and private law; how to market ourselves in order to find employment in the international law arena; and some of the opportunities available to American-trained lawyers.

Hopefully, more Regent students will have the opportunity to attend this conference next year. Not only will the students obtain invaluable information by attending ILW, but it would also help to familiarize the international law community with Regent University School of Law.

Download a PDF of the conference schedule here >

Keynote Speaker: Miguel de Serpa Soares, United Nations
Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and United Nations Legal Counsel

Accountability for Crimes in Syria and Iraq panel

Meeting of ILSA Members 

2015-2016 Student officers of ILSA