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Center Student Staff Visits Local FBI Office

By November 17, 2015December 16th, 2019Uncategorized
Last week, the student staff of the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law (CGJ) was invited to visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation at their Norfolk office in Chesapeake, VA. 

Student staff members toured the facilities, met with two agents, and heard them speak on International safety.  The agents discussed ways that people from other countries attempt to gain trust, hack electronic devices, and listen to conversations.

The tour was eye-opening for the students.  “As a law student, I have heard the world news and the cautions when traveling overseas, but I never think that it could happen to me,” said one student.

Several student staff members arealso past CGJ interns who traveled out of the country this past summer.  The tour especially hit home for them, reminding themof individuals that they may have met overseas.  However, the brief on international safely was not meant to instill fear, but awareness, and a reminder that no one is exempt from the targeted population.

The tour also provided a sense of security for the student staff.  “The FBI is capable of tracking individuals and their activities within this country and overseas,” said a 2L.  “I was surprised by the genuine welcome that we received from the agents and their willingness to take a substantial amount of time out of their schedule to get to know us and answer all of our questions.” 

Thanks to the FBI for providing this opportunity to our student staff.