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Student Staff Update: Hadil Arusi

By October 22, 2015December 16th, 2019Advocates Int'l, Student Staff
Hi! I’m Hadil, and I’m from Syria and have recently arrived in the United States. I am currently working on receiving my LLM in Human Rights at Regent University School of Law, after finishing law back home in Syria. War has separated my family, and as a result we’re now divided between here and Syria. This is a very difficult time for us and many other families during this time of war. Family, in my mind, always comes first, and I’ve always considered them a blessing. I feel a great deal of compassion to those without families and those trying to build one.

I’m currently working on the Advocates International Project, which is seeking to promote in-country adoption in various Southeast Asian countries. Advocates International is an international non- profit organization. The organization is engaged in promoting and protecting religious freedom, the role of the family in the community, peace and forgiveness, human rights, the sanctity of life, justice for the poor, and integrity under the rule of law. I was tasked with summarizing adoption law in the United States. This will provide a foundation for the rest of the memo and give a framework for adoption legislation in the countries where Advocates International is working. Coming from a country where adoption is not very common, and is even considered controversial due to the largely Islamic culture, I wanted to learn about adoption laws in the United States and compare the two systems. Knowing how important adoption is for childless parents and how priceless words like “Mom” and “Dad” are, I felt compelled to delve into family law to better understand the process.

Children need love, guidance, and plenty of attention to develop properly. In order to obtain these, children also need a family with whom they can bond. That is why I think that adoption is a good choice, not only for the children, but also the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and for society as a whole. Adopted children usually obtain a higher level of education, greater financial stability, and overall greater psychological well-being. All of these benefits not only enhance the lives of the children, but they also enhance the roles and effects that these children can have on society.

Another reason I was interested in studying adoptions is that I’ve always believed in second chances. Adoption not only gives the children a chance at a better life, but it also gives the parents a way to care for their child without subjecting them to the difficulties that the parent may be facing. Adoption allows a child to be raised by a loving family even if the biological parents were unable to care for the child. I was raised knowing that family always comes first, and adoption aims to put the concept of family ahead of any other concern regardless if that family is biological or one created as a result of loving and caring individuals.

Being a full-time student and working on such an important project has taught me to keep trying, and to keep giving my best, and has also strengthened my belief in team work. Hopefully what I have learned will allow others to realize the blessing that comes from a system of policies where families are put above all other concerns.

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