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Journal of Global Justice & Public Policy Global Initiative Focus Nation: South Sudan

The Journalof Global Justice and Public Policy is pleased to announce a new program:
Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy Global Initiative (JGJPP-GI).

JGJPP-GI will publish bi-monthly reports targeting countries experiencing human rights violations.  Each report briefly will discuss that country’s history and population, and proffer specific prayer requests.

The first report targeted South Sudan:

Ethnic groups: Dinka 35.8%, Nuer 15.6%, Shilluk, Azande, Bari, Kakwa, Kuku, Murle, Mandari, Didinga, Ndogo, Bviri, Lndi, Anuak, Bongo, Lango, Dungotona, Acholi

Languages: English (official), Arabic
Religion: Animist, Christian
Population: 12,042,910

South Sudan has emerged out of long history of violence and conflict. In the 1800s Egypt attempted to colonize Sudan and Islamic Mahdist revolutionaries attempted to take control of the region, however British forces won control of the region and Sudan was administered by a joint British-Egyptian rule.

Christian missionaries were very active in Sudan and a great percentage of the population was converted to Christianity, predominantly in the south.

Justice Issues
South Sudan has experienced civil war since December 2013 between the two major tribes in the area, and there have been massacres on both sides.  Thousands have been killed, often because of their political positions or their ethnicity.

More than a quarter of children under the age of five are underweight.

Only 27% of the total population is literate.

Pray for South Sudan
As a new peace agreement has just been reached this week, please pray for genuine reconciliation as the nation moves forward.

Pray for economic stability and recovery.

Christians have played a key role in the process of healing the nation, so pray that they would continue to help bring continued reconciliation and peace.