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Center Intern Update: Olufemi Odukoya

My internship with the Business Development Center in Rwanda was an amazing partnership between Regent’s School of Business and Development and Regent Law. The Business Development Center is a non-profit organization based in Rwanda that focuses on preparing and nurturing entrepreneurs to start and grow business with ethical values. It combines world-class entrepreneurial training with a comprehensive package to support and advise local businesses. The affect is development and empowerment for the local businesses. The connection between business and investment has always been vital to development in emerging regions of the world. Partnerships between investors and business owners can be the catalyst that causes transformative change in disadvantaged communities.

As a way to help foster the partnership between the investors and business owners, I created viable term sheets (contracts) that will be conducive to the intent of each respective side. Many times, the creation of an agreeable term sheet can cause an increasing amount of friction between investors and business owners.  Having the opportunity to help create term sheets that supports both the interests of the business owners and the investors has been worthwhile. If something were to go wrong in the investment deal, the opportunity for each of the parties to be able to arbitrate effectively is vital. The enforceability of the term sheet is what ultimately allows the potential opportunities to come to fruition.

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