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Center for Global Justice Student Staff Update

By March 12, 2015Student Staff
To provide Regent Law students with practical experience in the legal protection of human rights, and to serve and support those in the field, the Center created the Student Staff. The Student Staff is a group of 20-25 law students who work on legal projects, including writing articles and reports, drafting amicus briefs, and conducting research, throughout the school year. These projects are done for legal organizations working in the field.

These soon-to-be-lawyers have already accomplished some great things this semester, including helping the Kids Are Not For Sale Coalition pass a sex trafficking bill in Virginia. If you read the bill, you will find the language below, some of which is the exact language from research that our student staff did last semester. Section A reads: 
A. Any person who, with the intent to receive money or other valuable thing or to assist another in receiving money or other valuable thing from the earnings of a person from prostitution or unlawful sexual intercourse in violation of subsection A of § 18.2-346, solicits, invites, recruits, encourages, or otherwise causes or attempts to cause a person to violate subsection A of § 18.2-346 is guilty of a Class 5 felony.
Our student staff worked to find the language in a number of statutes across the country, and that language was adopted into the Virginia legislation.

But our work is not done. Our student staff have a number of projects to finish this semester for organizations that are counting on our work. In the next few months, we will be providing more details on the organizations and projects where our student staff are making a difference.