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House Sub-Committee Adopts Amendment to Sex Trafficking Bill

By February 3, 2015Uncategorized
The following is an update from the Kids Are Not for Sale Coalition:
The House Criminal Law Sub-Committee voted unanimously to report HB 1964 out of Sub-Committee last night!!! 
The Sub-Committee adopted a Substitute Amendment based on an improved version of the language the Senate Courts of Justice adopted in the sex trafficking companion bill, SB 1188, last week. Due to concern over the Fiscal Impact of the bill and wanting to ensure that the bill does not die once it reaches Appropriations, we had to concede on a few matters; however, it remains a strong bill that establishes a sex trafficking law in Virginia! The legislators have assured us that they are committed to continuing to strengthening the law addressing human trafficking in future sessions. 
HB 1964 will be heard by the House Courts of Justice Committee later this week.
Photo by Kids Are Not for Sale in VA