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Center for Global Justice Internship Grant

Since its founding in 2010, the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law® has sought to fulfill its mission of equipping Christian advocates and serving those working in the field through its internship grant program. Through this program, select law students receive a grant to cover the costs of their internship. Grants are primarily given to interns working with legal organizations that focus on combating human trafficking, advancing the rule of law, protecting children, securing religious freedom, and related human rights issues. Many of our interns work with international organizations, which provides them with not only quality legal experience, but also the experience of practicing law in another country and working on the front lines.

To date, 60 interns have served in countries including Cambodia, France, Greece, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Russia, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, in the Middle East, and throughout the United States.

Every year, the Center aspires to provide grants to at least 20 passionate law students. Sponsoring one intern generally costs $5,000. This funding is absolutely crucial. Without the grant, most, if not all, of the students would not be able to complete the internships. Because of our internship grant program, the oppressed are receiving justice, students are gaining valuable legal experience, and the organizations working in the field receive a quality legal intern free of charge. Please support this program. If you are interested in sponsoring an intern or donating to the internship program, please let us know by emailing