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Center for Global Justice Intern – Kyle Carter

Freedom Firm, India

Freedom Firm is actively fighting against prevalent child prostitution in India, and I have found it to be a great experience helping a little bit with these efforts. In preparation I read through several of the acts pertaining to trafficking in India, and I’m glad I did because the background was very helpful right at the beginning. 

My first day I was given the task of finalizing some exhibits for a legal brief about some of the trafficking cases including cross checking all the supporting documents and organizing them appropriately. This project is important in continuing to provide accountability for those enforcing the laws against the accused. Frequently, after the accused is caught in the criminal act, interviewed by the police and then subsequently released on bail pending a trial which could be quite slow in coming. After the accused’s release they flee from the jurisdiction and do not return to the police station or court to comply with the terms of their bail; in short, the accused abscond from justice. 

With the goal to ensure the presence of the accused at trial for their acts, I visited the local court to verify the posted status of some of the accused who are currently absconding in their criminal proceedings, so we can notified the proper authorities. Hopefully, projects like this one will promote an active application of the current laws and enforce non-bailable warrants upon those suspected of trafficking in persons.

Kyle Carter, 3L