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Center for Global Justice Intern – Cortland Bobczynski

Week 2 at CitizenLink

Having gotten an internship in Colorado Springs with Focus on the Family, I have found myself in a dry and windy climate. My second week in and I find myself in the midst of a serious series of fires. Thick smoke settles on this city, but we at CitizenLink and at Focus on the Family trek onward. Though I have been here for two weeks, I can see that the people in the department of Public Policy have become a close-knit family. Each with their own quirky sense of humor and personality, they all have become so endearing to my heart. Yet the fire has affected these people. Some have evacuated their home, some are losing their homes, but they continue to work on a job that is close to their heart: informing America of the truth.

Since I have been here at Focus on the Family in the Public Policy department, I have found myself finding my voice. I have been writing articles on political issues, legal issues, and personal life lessons. Having just finished my first year of law school, I have been feeling defeated, unmotivated, and uninspired; however, coming here and expressing my passions on paper, I have been re-inspired. These past two weeks, have been spent researching and writing on First Amendment issues such as freedom of expression and religion. Spending hours on these issues has re-sparked my passion and my initial desire to come to law school. I have always wanted to stand up for the underdog those discriminated against because they chose to express their beliefs or themselves.  This internship has re-connected me to a piece of myself that was lost in the battle called 1L year!

Even though my head is spinning from the thick smoke, and I am surrounded with devastation; I am glad to have found myself in a job that I love.  

Cortland Bobczynski

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  • epolley says:

    Thanks for sharing Cortland! I agree that the intern program has reignited my passion for the injustices around the world. I will be praying for continued grace, protection and strength for you!