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Center for Global Justice Intern – Youna Oh

Youna Oh, Jubilee Campaign
Refugees/Int’l Religious Freedom, Washington, DC

Youna worked with the Jubilee Campaign which is a non-profit organization that promotes the human rights of ethnic and religious minorities, particularly in Muslim and Communist Countries. She worked on research projects for Jubilee Campaign to assist their work in Africa and Asia. She attended several meetings with partners of the Jubilee Campaign working to end human rights abuses. During the internship, she learned that so many persecuted Christians were dying in the Muslim and the Communist countries. This internship became the beginning of her journey of God’s calling to speak up for the voiceless.

Executive Director: Ann Buwalda (Presenting at the Podium)  

Nigeria Expert: Emmanuel Ogabeormer

Former Intern, Faith, and Me

Jubilee Campaign Event
Congressional Briefing, “Crisis in Northern Nigeria.”