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Alumni Profile: Tony Brewer (’91)

Many of Regent Law’s 2,500+ alumni are presently working in human rights law or are involved in agencies and organizations dedicated to rescuing the enslaved, trafficked, and oppressed. We hope you enjoy reading the following alumni profiles which represent a small portion of our many alumni literally changing the world.

Tony Brewer ’91

Tony Brewer is working to “trade tears for hope.”

In 1993, while working as a lawyer, he was asked, “Will you help us adopt a child from China?”

“That short, simple question uttered back in 1993 ended up capturing me . . . because on the other end of it was a beautiful, sometimes expressionless, needy child — the kind that your heart yearns to help as soon as you see him or her, and who unfortunately lives all over the world,” writes Brewer.

Through that exchange, he was propelled to establish A Helping Hand Adoption Agency, and eventually Orphan Voice, A Helping Hand’s outreach ministry to orphans around the world. Through these vehicles, Brewer has orchestrated several thousand adoptions.

The two organizations aim to plant hope into the lives of children by providing Christian education, care-giving, nutritious food, vocational training and love. A Helping Hand specializes in adoptions in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Guatemala. Through Orphan Voice programs, Brewer’s team is ministering to over 660 children in countries including China, Cambodia, India and Myanmar.

He says his legal education helps him to be strategic in his work. After graduating from Regent Law in 1991, Brewer went on to complete an LL.M. in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown Law.

“I loved the international law courses that I took at Regent,” says Brewer. “Later, my LL.M. helped to prepare me to think about dealing with other cultures and legal systems. In some of the countries in which we work, there is no developed legal system, and my legal education has helped me see how legal protections should be put in place for the protection of children.”

The great contributions Brewer makes in the lives of the world’s orphans is a leading example of how Regent is preparing leaders to impact the nation and the world. Brewer sees his work as the natural extension of his Christian faith. “It has been my privilege to serve those of different cultures, and I feel greatly blessed by it.”

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