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Intern Update, 6/29/12 (Monica Bailey)

Monica Bailey, 3L

Hope for Justice 
Human Trafficking 
United Kingdom

Ben Cooley, the founder of Hope for Justice, graciously asked me if I would like an opportunity to have a personal tour of Parliament by a friend of his who is with the Conservative Christian Ministers of Parliament, a strategic group that works to keep good relations between churches, Christians and government leaders. Ben’s friend is particularly passionate about seeing the end of human trafficking in the UK and the world. We were taken to St. Stephens Hall, where Parliament met before the existing structure was built, and into the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft (go to  www.parliament.ukand search under “St. Stephens Hall and Undercroft Chapel” for a virtual tour!) where William Wilberforce stood hundreds of times, urging his countrymen to abolish the buying and selling of human beings. We had the privilege of praying at that very spot, asking God to stop slavery in our lifetime. It was a very humbling experience. From there we had tea outside the Parliament cafe area, where I enjoyed what Ben told me was the best view of the Thames in London. He was right. It was an extraordinary day and I was very happy to be included in it.

I am finishing up the Three Phase project I was sent here to complete. It has been an absolute pleasure to intern at Hope for Justice and learn so much about the people, churches, legislation and achievements of Great Britain. I have enjoyed every gray, rainy day as much as the sunny, warm days thrown in here and there. Hope for Justice has an amazing future and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for these super intelligent, committed and loving people. Manchester is a vibrant, industrious city and I will miss it and my new friends very much. What a joy it is to know that an ocean may separate us, but we are united through the bonds of Christ and our fellowship has only just begun.
Thanks so very much to everyone who has prayed for me and given to make this amazing internship possible. Please continue to pray for Hope for Justice and for the students at Regent Law School to go out and make a difference in the world and help set the captives free.

          – Monica Bailey, 6/29/12