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Intern Update, 6/13/12 (Mary Hill)

Mary Hill, 3L

The A21 Campaign 
Human Trafficking

Life in Kiev, Ukraine is exciting this summer do to the excitement of the Euro Cup. Many of the games are taking place in Kiev, drawing a vast array of foreigners. The increased tourism also means an increase in the number of men’s clubs and also an increase in the sex demand. 

A21 is launching many campaign awareness activities to inform the public of the sex-trafficking problem. Awareness includes placing posters in prominent locations, and speaking with individuals about the problem, as well as other events. It is important to inform students about the problem, because half of the students in Ukraine know of someone who has been trafficked. It is a real problem in this country and numerous avenues of awareness must be continued.

My job as an intern is focused on several research projects that I am to complete throughout the summer – compiling information that will help with understanding the dynamics of the human trafficking problem in Ukraine.

The first project involves researching the laws of Ukraine relating to trafficked victims and creating an awareness booklet and informational flyers that inform the girls of the law, their rights, and what the legal process will look like if they choose to file legal action. Additionally, I am also:
  • Researching the reason why the trafficking is especially brutal in Eastern Europe – it is not so physically brutal, although equally terrible, in other parts of Europe such as Greece. 
  • Gathering a list of universities in Ukraine with contact information to be used in future awareness campaigns.
  • Working on making informational awareness flyers that will be left behind in destination countries; these flyers include information about the country, what the average compensation is of various occupations, important contact information, average unemployment rate, and other bits of information included for the purpose of informing individuals who might not have access to this information of the likelihood that a job they are being offered is either genuine or a guise for trafficking.

In addition to these and other research projects, I am also helping at the shelter for trafficked victims. I spend two nights a week as house-mom, meaning that I stay with the girls, so they are not left alone and have someone there in case they need anything. I teach them English on the side and also help out in various ways that change from week to week.    

          – Mary Hill, 6/13/12