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Alana – California – Final Internship Blog

It’s hard to believe my time with GenerateHope is up! In my final weeks, I had become unsure if I had been able to meaningfully contribute to the work of the organization as much as I had hoped. I recently learned that I contributed more than I knew. There was a House Blessing in July for volunteers to pray over the new house. There were about 30 present and as we circled to pray, the director was asked to share many of the miracles that God had performed with the organization thus far a reflection of God’s goodness and provision. The first thing the Director talked about was the legal intern that had been sent.

She said that at first, she was not sure how I would be used when I contacted her. She went on to explain that I had come at the exact six weeks that they needed someone to research property and licensing legalities. She said what a blessing I had been, how they could not have done the research without me, and what a Godsend it was with the timing. Tears welled in my eyes, not because of the flattery of what she said, but at the awe of God and how He was able to work through me.

So often I felt like the bearer of bad news as I researched and kept coming across red tape. But I realized that they needed to know that information and that it was just a set-up for God to shine through in an impossible situation. I was humbled by the fact that God had chosen me to help because I knew all the work I did was not by my own accord. He worked through me daily on each project and it was only because of Him that I was able to meaningfully contribute.

As I got in my car to leave that night, I was overcome with gratefulness for such opportunity and I was reminded of the verse “For you were called for such a time as this.” I wept as I recalled every email sent between me and the directors and how thankful and appreciative they were of my work. I remembered how in meetings I was praised for my work and I always knew to give credit to God for orchestrating my placement. So while I did not think what I contributed was as meaningful as I compared it to an intern at a firm or the Public Defender’s office with a caseload of 50, I quickly learned that it was not the quantity of work I had, but that the smallest project could make such a meaningful impact on the organization.

My time this summer has taught me more than I could have imagined. I saw the inner workings of a non-profit serving Human Sex Trafficking Victims. I ran right into the red tape that hinders the efforts of so many attempting to help. I sat in on meetings and committees that I never would have been able to attend and saw the hope for victims as efforts are being put into place to rescue and help survivors. I saw the horrors of this tough and evil issue as I faced the reality of its after effects on the women. But I was also greatly encouraged by the strength these women have. As I sat in school with them, talked with them, took them to lunch, and drove them home, I saw they are women who are overcoming something that was supposed to destroy them, but that they could still hold their heads high and become resilient. I connected with the girls and the staff at GenerateHope in such a meaningful way and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I will always be immensely grateful for my time here.

They believe that I helped them, but they have no idea how much they have helped me!