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Presentation at Athens Institute for Educational Research

By July 25, 2011Uncategorized
Stable nations and societies are largely based on stable family law and policy. Questions of family preservation in immigration policy present new dimensions of legal intervention. The Athens Institute of Educational Research Conference on Law this week welcomed the presentation of a manuscript considering the challenges of family law in immigration policy. Sponsored by Regent Law’s Center for Global Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law, the presentation offered a review of the relevant literature, and focused on a policy discussion for immigration law that authentically works to preserve, reunify and restore families.

This discussion begins by considering the current dilemmas in United States immigration policy in light of challenges to families in legal immigration, national security concerns, and illegal immigration. Marriage definitions, the prohibitions on marriage fraud, and policies to protect the best interests of children are key in this discussion. Global challenges to immigration policy include combating human trafficking, building a nation’s population with immigration in light of declining fertility rates, and multiculturalism that threatens national sovereignty.

The presentation offered policy principles that can work to build strong families and stable nations even in the midst of these challenges. A comprehensive approach to family law and immigration policy is possible – and necessary to restore families. These issues are really the beginning of building strong and stable nations through comprehensive family immigration policy.

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