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Alana – California

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy at GenerateHope. I have been working continuously on property legalities, spending much of my time at the zoning office where I have been blessed to be directed to exactly the right people. Between reading through hundreds of pages of code and speaking with the right people, I was able to obtain the right information for what we needed to know. The red tape and obstacles that zones and codes enforce can be tangled at best sometimes, but God makes a way when we think there is none. One thing I have learned is that I often have a linear path to the goal line but God has a creative path, stretching me and taking me a way I never would have thought, but that allows Him to shine through in amazing ways.

Last week was the Board Meeting where I was able to meet all members of the Board. I was able to see the many perspectives that each board member is able to bring to the table to enable the organization to be as productive as possible. Each board member cares tremendously about helping the girls and is able to bring their gifts and talents to the organization. I also attended our Core Volunteer’s Monthly meeting where I was able to update new and returning volunteers on legislation and the property updates. I was able to meet with new volunteers and see how the epidemic plaguing America is being combated as the public becomes educated about Human Sex Trafficking.

Last week a benefit concert was held to raise money for GenerateHope. Vendor’s donated a percentage of their proceeds from that evening directly to GenerateHope. The benefit was a sell-out success! Great bands played, delicious food was provided and the local news station was even present to broadcast the event. I helped work the booth that provided information about GenerateHope, and even bought a t-shirt!

Most importantly, in the last couple of weeks, I have been able to interact with a few of the girls and truly be inspired and encouraged. As each girl opens up a little and I get to know her better, I am able to see a light and strength within them. I remind them how strong and resilient they are with a fighting spirit within them that encourages those around them that they can get through anything, and that their life still has magnificent purpose. One girl shared how encouraged she is by GenerateHope through how much they care and what an impact that has made. It made me feel great that I was able to be part of such an organization that was in the community making a difference. As I hear bits and pieces of stories, I see how much of what I have read in books or heard from speakers really is true! It doesn’t matter how much you read or educate yourself, when you hear it right from a girl herself, it becomes a reality. And that is what drives me and the other volunteers to do the work that we do. I realized I can’t really call it work because it is a privilege to be able to work with and for these girls and the organization.