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Keila Molina – Mexico

Hola again from “el D.F.” (the Federal District) aka Mexico City! Thank you so much for your prayers –I have begun my third week working at Casa Alianza and God has been strengthening me continually and providing me fresh inspiration to keep trusting His will and where He has led me this summer.

This past week was simply wonderful. I met with the remarkable Rosi Orozco, a Christian Congresswoman for Mexico’s Federal District, who has been a staunch advocate for anti-human trafficking legislation as well as someone tangibly making a difference to combat child sexual exploitation. Rosi and her husband, Alex, along with a large group of volunteers from their church, Casa Sobre La Roca (House Built on the Rock), have established “Fundacion Camino a Casa” (Foundation The Way Home), which currently provides a safe home, counseling, and unsurpassed new hope (by sharing about Jesus!) for about twenty-five young girls who have been victims of sexual exploitation.

Rosi recently co-authored a book, Del Cielo al Infierno en Un Dia (From Heaven to Hell in One Day), in which she shares the poignant, real-life stories of six girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking in Mexico City. I was able to attend Rosi’s book presentation which was meant to generate a greater understanding of this horrible crime which many in Mexico are not aware occurs in their own neighborhoods. Rosi is also vocally pushing for nation-wide acceptance of legislation which will allocate harsher sentences for traffickers for the degrading crimes they commit.

The best part of my week was meeting some of the girls that have been rescued and are sheltered by Fundacion Camino a Casa thus far. These girls are beautiful, lively, and so full of God’s love. Seeing their bright eyes and friendly smiles and getting to know them a bit during the time that I spent with them was a dream come true for me. I know seeking justice for these girls – these precious lives that God has created in His image, just like yours and mine – is the reason for the God-placed burden on my heart to learn about their needs, share about them with others, and keep working to make a difference in the manner God allows me to do so. Meeting these girls harshly dims any and every hardship I may have faced in my own life. In fact, every sleepless night and every tear poured out in overwhelmed frustration since my time in law school is vastly worth coming to Mexico City just to meet these girls and see with my own eyes the value of these precious lives for whom God’s heart beats for.

Please pray for these beautiful children — who in their short lives have only known abuse, torture, deception, and evil – that they may know the love of Jesus who deeply cares and grieves with them in their pain despite their past or even present circumstances. Keep praying that our almighty God, who loves justice, continues working in the hearts of Mexican political leaders and gives them wisdom to better aid these children desperately in need of protection. Also, pray that the NGOs that are already in existence in Mexico are kept safe from any corruption while also economically stable to keep safeguarding the lives of these children. Muchas gracias for all your prayers! Until next week!