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Anna Ernest – France – European Center for Law and Justice

Hello! My first week is going wonderfully! I am very busy and learning a lot. I have visited the European Court and personally met Irish Judge Ann Power, who is just an amazing and inspirational woman. I have also worked on a press release regarding the latest Court’s decision on the abortion case, R.R. v. Poland. The rest of my time I am working on the translation of legal documents from English to Russian and researching the issue of the external politics of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The City is beautiful, and the people are great! There is a group of amazing volunteers that are working with me at the ECLJ – two interns from Italy and two interns from Strasbourg – all share Christian values and a passion for Christ.

I feel very blessed and very thankful for the sponsors that made it possible for me to participate in this program. I am enjoying my time and find peace in serving the Lord in everything I do here.