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Alumni Profile: Mick Cummins

Many of Regent Law’s 2,500+ alumni are presently working in human rights law or are involved in agencies and organizations dedicated to rescuing the enslaved, trafficked, and oppressed. We hope you enjoy reading the following alumni profiles which represent a small portion of our many alumni literally changing the world.

Mick Cummins ‘92

Mick Cummins ’92 manages the gift planning team at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). NCF is a public charity which works closely with ministries, churches and several affiliated Christian foundations across the United States in serving their donors by introducing creative, tax-efficient charitable giving strategies and providing educational offerings on gift planning and biblical stewardship principles.

NCF makes sure that donors’ charitable gifts are structured to achieve more for Kingdom purposes, often leveraging non-liquid assets such as closely held business interests or real property. Once a donor is convinced they should give, and know who they want to give to, NCF’s gift planning team strategizes the “how” of the gift by identifying the most efficient and effective way to achieve maximum impact.

After Mick graduated from Regent University School of Law he managed the gift planning programs at Emory University, The University of Texas-Austin and the University of Missouri-Columbia. In his career, he has also spent 16 years divided between practicing law as an estate planning attorney and managing small bank trust departments.

Mick’s call to Regent Law was crystal clear. “The Lord called me at mid-life with a wife and three kids to go Regent – and Regent only,” he says. “The call was very clear, we obeyed and came, and in retrospect it’s clear that every step of the journey since that time has been designed to prepare me for my current job.”

Mick and his wife, Pam, live in Alpharetta, GA, and have been married over 35 years. They have three adult children and two wonderful grandchildren.

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